Headmaster’s Newsletter

Students Recognized at First Annual Capstone Honors Reception

May 28, 2019

Sage D’Muhala’s Capstone, “Honoring Excellence: A Capstone Honors Reception,” established an annual honors reception for exemplary Senior Capstone presentations.

Thirteen St. Johnsbury Academy seniors were recognized for the quality of their Senior Capstones at the first annual Capstone Honors Reception at the Burke Mountain Hotel and Conference Center. The Reception was the result of Sage D’Muhala’s Capstone project. Chair of the Academy Capstone department, Hank Eaton, said, “The work produced by these thirteen scholars represents the highest achievement of the Academy’s mission of inquiry, character, and community. Each of these students produced projects that exhibit excellence in their given field of study and that will have a lasting impact on others.”


The students who were recognized at the reception included Sage D’Muhala for “Honoring Excellence: A Capstone Honors Reception,” Natalie Cartwright  for “The Girl and her Seamstress: A Victorian Love Story on Film,” Mimi Duong for “Memories of You: A Film Project,” Madeline Byford for “Social Media and Self-Esteem: The Influence of Instagram Usage on Middle School Girls,” Breanna Fearon for “The Desire to Win in Youth Sports: Why Participation is Declining,” Sarah Fickes for “Water: Making a Comic Book,” Jasmine Hubbard for “Nature-based Preschools,” Alexis Jablonski for “Minimizing Plastic Waste in Techiman, Ghana: Youth Empowered Solutions,” Jack Luna for “Webcam-based Eye Tracking,” Brenna Morgan for “Mini Models to Inspire Environmental Action,” Olivia Ruffner for “Smiles for the Future: Mobile Dental Clinic for the Concord School,” Fiona Sweeney for “Observing Patterns of Gut Microbiome Colonization in Caenorhabditis Elegans Using Fluorescence Microscopy,” and Jiayue (Katherine) Wang for “3D in 2D: How the Building of Canals Influenced the Idea of Space in Classic Chinese Literature.”


Headmaster Tom Lovett said, “This event was a huge success and one more “first in school history” for the Class of 2019. Burke provided an outstanding venue, and the planning by Sage was evident throughout. The highlight for me was discussing the various projects with each of the students, most of whom I had not seen present on Capstone Day. I left enlightened and inspired, and after talking to colleagues, parents, and students afterwards, I know I was not alone. I believe this event will only grow in importance in the future. Kudos to all who imagined it and made it happen!”

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