5 Good Habits of Boarding and Private School Students that Prepare Your Child for College



Boarding and private schools typically offer many opportunities for their students, such as advanced academic programs like AP classes, or special programs like classes in the culinary arts or robotics. Private day and boarding school students often find themselves well prepared for college.


Here are 5 habits that private education instills in students to help prepare them for college.


1. Study Voraciously

Advanced academic programs require more studying than typical classes. In private school, students learn how to study properly and to become organized with their class work. These study habits prepare them for the academic rigor of college, making the transition that much easier.


2. Think Critically

In advanced classes, such as AP classes, students learn how to work efficiently and to form necessary problem-solving skills. Most Advanced Placement tests require students to write several essays in a limited time frame. The critical thinking and writing skills these courses develop in your child provides a competitive advantage for their academic and professional future.


3. Manage Time Effectively

Private day and boarding schools provide students with independence. Proven to be an academically rigorous environment, students learn to manage their time between various advanced studies and extracurricular activities. This is a crucial step in preparing for college life and puts them ahead of the game when it comes to managing their own time.


4. Possess Productive Mentality

With advanced academics, students learn at an accelerated pace. They may even be taking courses for college credit while in high school, helping them form a mindset of efficiency and success. Children learn to work smarter, not harder. That mindset is important in college and professional environments.


5. Maintain Focus on the Future

With advanced academic programs, specialized courses, and extracurricular activities available, private day and boarding school students typically gain a sense of what they want to do in the future. This helps them make an informed decision about which college they want to attend, what they want to major in, and what career paths they may want to pursue. Cultivating a long-term focus helps them make better choices today, aligning their actions with their long-range goals.


Therefore, private education is a great way to prepare your child for college. Private day and boarding schools help students to develop beneficial habits and the skills they will need in the future.


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