A Culture of Caring and Respect



When deciding on a school, students look at a lot more than classes. Other questions come into play: Will I fit in? What is there to do after school on campus? What is the area like? Are there fun things to do on the weekend? Our strong emphasis on an accepting community has long been a cornerstone of life at the Academy. All students, regardless of their socioeconomic status, nationality, interests, or background, are encouraged to participate. This sense of belonging is a very important part of our identity as a school from which all students benefit.


The development of our students’ character is part of our tradition at St. Johnsbury Academy and the first pillar of our mission. We work as a school to accomplish this in big and small ways every day. Fundamental to the development of good character in our students is our daily school-wide morning assembly – Chapel. Each day in Chapel, students are taught about respect, caring, integrity, compassion, inclusiveness, and responsibility. The phrases “love those the most who need it the most” and “leave this place better than you found it” have become a part of our culture and are lived out every day with the guidance of school leadership and faculty.


One of the most compelling aspects of the community at St. Johnsbury Academy is the way in which students treat each other with respect and kindness. Our students come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. We encourage them to get to know one another, reaching below the surface to truly embrace the diversity of their peers.


Be a Part of Something Bigger than Yourself

Small-School Community, Big-School Opportunity

St. Johnsbury Academy has the community of a small school with big-school opportunities. We accomplish this tight community in a number of ways, all of which focus on building strong relationships between students. We start with our advisory program. Students meet with their advisors in small groups as part of their larger Chapel meeting every morning. Advisors serve as faculty mentors, and fellow advisees become a close group of peers with whom many students develop lasting relationships.


From the day students begin school at SJA, they begin to forge an identity as a graduating class. During their freshman year, students meet for Chapel in a smaller venue, separate from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. This encourages bonds within each class. Classes soon know all of their members, the faces become familiar, and friendships are made.


When students come to St. Johnsbury Academy, they become part of the most talented and diverse group of individuals they may ever know as friends and colleagues. They develop an intellectual and emotional connection to making this community a better place.


Student Support

The Student Support Team is an interdisciplinary team that supports the St. Johnsbury Academy community in all areas of student success.  These include, but are not limited to, academic progress monitoring, mental health and wellness, and attendance. As part of our culture of caring and respect, all faculty and staff can recommend a student to the Student Support Team. The team meets bi-weekly and initiates recommendations and/or action plans; progress is monitored as long as necessary. 

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