The Game — SJA vs LI Rivalry

Since the fall of 1894, St. Johnsbury Academy and Lyndon Institute have played out their football rivalry, making it one of the oldest football rivalries in the nation.


The first game was won by the Academy with a score of 28-0. The Academy’s second team played Lyndon Institute’s regular squad. It was the first time LI had lined up against an opponent. There was no write-up of the inaugural game but it has continued as a tradition for both schools ever since.


In 2013, USA Today conducted an online poll to determine the greatest rivalry in the nation. “The Game” easily won the Vermont, New England, and Eastern regions, before finishing fourth in the nation.


During the week before “The Game”, the Academy campus, and the entire St. Johnsbury community, prepare for it with dedications to football players in the local media, Pep Chapel, a parade with class floats, and a bonfire—all building the anticipation for the great game. An Alumni gathering is held Friday evening to welcome everyone back to town and rally around “The Game”.