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The Academy’s Journal of Creative Writing and Visual Arts

Clear River Review
Submission Guidelines


For several years running, the Academy has published editions of an original creative writing and visual arts journal, the Clear River Review.


We are accepting submissions for the 2023 edition from Academy students. We accept submissions of fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, and visual artwork. Please take a moment to read the submission guidelines listed below before submitting. All submissions are due by January 30, 2023 at 8 a.m. You will be notified of the Editorial Board’s decisions on your piece by February 10, 2023. 


Email our editors with any questions: clear.river@stjlabs.com


Submission Guidelines


1. Number of Submissions


Each student may only submit two pieces in each genre for consideration: 2 poems, 2 fiction, 2 creative non-fiction, 2 visual. Submission of more than this limit may result in disqualification of publication of a student’s works.


2. Written Work

  • All written work must be submitted as a Word document or a Google Doc. Please do not submit work as a PDF.

  • Fiction/Non Fiction: 2500 word limit

  • Poetry: 40 line limit

  • Your work should not quote any source that is copyrighted and/or not in the public domain. It should be entirely your own; ask the editors if you need clarification. 


3. Visual Work

  • Please digitize your artwork and submit a high resolution JPEG. For help scanning your work, please visit Mrs. Gary in the Fine Arts office in Morse. Allow plenty of extra time for this step of the submission process.

  • Understand that visual pieces will be printed in duotone (grayscale). If color is an integral part of your piece and you feel it would not work in grayscale, do not submit it.

  • In general, we accept black and white photographs, Intaglio prints, and line drawings.

  • The cover piece will be chosen from among the visual submissions. 

  • You must follow all formatting guidelines as listed above to be considered for publication!


4. Colwell Center Travel Prizes in Writing and Photography


In conjunction with the Clear River Review, the Colwell Center for Global Understanding will be offering awards for the best Travel Writing and best Travel Photography, with first place and a runner up prizes. These pieces must meet the criteria for Non-Fiction and Visuals as outlined above. The pieces will be considered for placement in the magazine even if they do not win a Colwell Center Travel Prize.


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Once you submit, your work will be reviewed by the Clear River Review Editorial Board, and you will receive notification on whether your submission has been accepted for publication by February 10, 2023. Please email clear.river@stjlabs.com with any questions.