Campus Directory


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Campus Map

1. Newell Hall
2. South Church Hall
3. Ranger Hall
4. Colby Hall
(Headmaster’s Office, Main Office)
5. Fuller Hall
6. Severance Hall (Resident Life Office)
7. Headmaster’s Residence
8. Faculty Residence
9. Brantview
10. Waterman
11. The Green Dorm
12. The Barn
13. 1107 Main Street
14. Fairbanks Cottage
(Admissions Office, Business Office)

15. Tinker House
16. Streeter Hall
17. Mayo Center
(Grace Stuart Orcutt Library, Colwell Center for Global Understanding)
18. Stowe Green
19. Sheepcote
20. Charles Hosmer Morse Center
for the Arts (Stuart Black Box Theater)
21. Field House
22. Alumni Memorial Gymnasium
23. Straszko Center at Graham’s House
(Alumni Office)
24. Cramton
25. Christensen Hall
26. 184 Belvidere

27. 168 Belvidere
28. The Corner House
29. Impey House
30. Maple Center
(Located at 151 Hastings Hill)
31. Hilltopper Restaurant
(Located at 1216 Main Street)
A. Tennis Court
B. Ropes Course
C. Cary Field (Field Hockey)
D. Burlingame Field (Baseball)
E. Soccer and Lacrosse Field
F. Fairbanks Field and Ray Frey Track (Football/Track)
G. Softball Field

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