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SJA Universal Dress Code

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The photos above show examples of students in acceptable dress code attire.



At St. Johnsbury Academy our dress code reflects a shared commitment to the full breadth and depth of our missions and values.  


We understand a person’s clothing to be an indicator of self-respect and respect for the larger community. Our dress code seeks to create a culture of belonging and equity and create an environment conducive to learning and reflective of our shared community values. Further, the dress code at St. Johnsbury Academy, much like our other policies, seeks to prepare our students for adulthood. 


We ask students to consider their day and select clothing that is appropriate with the learning opportunities at hand. All clothing should be neat, clean, appropriate, free of holes, images, and words, not transparent, and in alignment with the following requirements: 



Dress pants (with or without pattern), khakis, or pants of a single color, or skirts (the length of dresses and skirts should be no shorter than two inches above the knee) 



Dress shirts (with or without a tie or collar), polos, blouses, turtlenecks, & sweaters 

  • All tops must have sleeves, cover the midriff, and have appropriate necklines.
  • Non-hooded sweatshirts are permitted as an additional layer as long as the logo is either SJA or no larger than 2 inches by 2 inches. 

We also expect that a student’s hair is a naturally occurring color, neat, clean, and kept out of their eyes. Facial hair is not permitted. 


A single nose piercing is allowed. Septum and other facial piercings and spacers are not allowed.   


All outerwear must be removed inside, including hooded sweatshirts and hats.   


The following items are not allowed: t-shirts, sweatpants, shorts, yoga pants, blue jeans, flip flops, and slippers. 


Leggings are permitted if worn under a dress code appropriate dress or skirt. 


Variety Days


If a day is designated a “Variety Day,” either to raise money for a cause or for any other reason, then all students may wear jeans and other casual clothes (still neat, clean and appropriate).


There will be days that we ask students to dress somewhat more formally, such as for their Capstone presentations and other school events, as they might dress for any other formal or special occasion.