Remarkable opportunities for every student

Students at St. Johnsbury Academy benefit from small classes, talented teachers, and a huge array of academic opportunities. We offer over 220 courses including 31 Advanced Placement courses, more than 30 courses in the fine and performing arts, college-level engineering, four languages, and an award-winning technical education department.

Student giving a capstone presentation

A focus on the success of each student

Although our selection of courses is very broad, with over 220 courses to choose from, our average class size of 12 is very small. Students are placed in classes with others of similar academic ability which allows them to master skills at a personalized pace. We also have many layers of academic support: students can benefit from our Learning Center, availability of their teachers during daily conference period, or they can participate in our Guided Study programs. Our focus on the success of every student is an integral part of our mission and has become a hallmark of St. Johnsbury Academy.


Teacher helping student in design class

A culture of caring and respect

The development of our students’ character is part of our tradition at St. Johnsbury Academy and the first pillar of our mission. We work as a school to accomplish this in big and small ways every day. Fundamental to the development of good character in our students is our daily schoolwide morning assembly – Chapel. Each day in Chapel, students are taught about respect, caring, integrity, compassion, inclusiveness, and responsibility. The phrases “love those the most who need it the most” and “leave this place better than you found it” have become a part of our culture and are lived out every day with the guidance of school leadership and faculty.



Accomplished and compassionate faculty

Many of our faculty members are working professionals or experts in their fields: our art teachers are artists; our music teachers are musicians; several of our English teachers are published authors; our drama teachers perform. One member of our faculty is a medical doctor who teaches Chemistry; another is a professional filmmaker who teaches three levels of Filmmaking class. Best of all, these professional artists, musicians, writers, actors, doctors, and filmmakers love young people and love to teach.


A global network of supportive alumni

With over 14,000 active alumni, the Academy supports graduates long after they leave the school. Stories abound of alums who have gotten jobs, apartments, met their spouses, or reunited with loved ones through their alumni connections. Our alums have gone on to any number of interesting careers, and many have succeeded in athletics at the college level and beyond. Many take great pleasure in returning to campus to reunite year after year at Reunion or Homecoming, and many more support the school through gifts. Our alumni network allows graduates to continue to be part of something bigger than themselves.


Group of alumni of all ages

And one of the most amazing places on the planet

Our part of Vermont is called the Northeast Kingdom. It is home to quaint towns, farms, mountains, state forests, many lakes and rivers, and some of the best hiking in the state. Burke Mountain resort and Craftsbury Outdoor Center offer alpine and Nordic skiing, and Kingdom Trails, one of the best mountain biking trail networks in the country, is also nearby. 


Our region is also one of the safest in Vermont which, in turn, is one of the safest states in the U.S. We are rural without large metropolitan areas— there is plenty of room for everyone!


Our town, St. Johnsbury, is the cultural hub of the region. View the video There’s Only One St. Johnsbury.

The Rail trail in St. Johnsbury, Vermont

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