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The Boarding Experience

St. Johnsbury Academy is a home away from home for the many members of our boarding program. The Academy has welcomed boarding students since the school’s inception in 1842, and they have always been an important part of the culture of the school. Our boarding program is very diverse with students representing nearly half the states and 30 countries. Students who board at the Academy learn empathy toward people who differ from them as they share the experience of life here. They also make life-long friends with peers from all over the world.


Our Dorms

Our dorms range from a late 1800s mansion to a modern environmentally friendly “green” dorm. Dorm parents strive to make their students feel at home. Each dorm has its own identity and residents become loyal supporters of their home away from home.


Each dorm is staffed with several dorm parents who are experienced, caring members of faculty and staff. Dorms are supervised 24-7. From morning wake-up to lights out every night, students receive guidance and support from adults they know and trust.


Every dorm has a Head Dorm Parent who provides leadership and set the tone for the dorm, and each student has one dorm parent who is his or her Dorm Mentor.This mentor meets with the student regularly throughout the year, and sends written reports home to the student’s family about dorm life and participation in extracurricular activities.


Each dorm has supervised study halls each school night with homework help available from dorm parents.


Once a week, students have a formal dinner which is served family-style in our dining hall with students and dorm parents sitting together.


Each dorm holds a weekly Dorm Meeting, and every dorm organizes at least one dorm-wide outing per year.


Dorm parents are supported by a Dean and Director of Resident Life, and meet regularly as a team.


Each August, all new boarding students participate in our Orientation Program to ensure that they are ready for life at St. Johnsbury Academy


View the New Boarding Student Orientation Weekend video.



International Community

St. Johnsbury Academy has welcomed international boarders since the early days of the school. Their presence is an integral part of our community. Although the list varies from year to year, our international students generally represent at least 30 countries from all over the world. Our international students participate fully in all aspects of school life. They benefit from their friendships with American students; our American students benefit from learning about other cultures.They are supported by our Dean of International Students and through an extensive English as a Second Language Program.


Weekend Trips and Activities

Every weekend, students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of events and activities. These activities are generated by the students and range from outdoor wilderness excursions, to concerts, to professional sports events and theater productions, to shopping in nearby cities.

Why boarding school?