Career and Technical Education

CTE Capstone and Career Awareness



Career and Technical Education Capstone

This course is designed to allow students in the career and technical education department the opportunity to develop a Capstone project in their chosen field. Students will meet in a classroom every other day, where they will gain instruction and practice in research skills, oral communication skills, application of research to design, and the iterative process of prototyping, testing, researching, and redesigning their chosen project. On the alternative days, students will work with their CTE mentor/instructor working on their project design, testing, redesigning, and completing their project in their chosen field. They will present their work on Capstone Day.

Career Exploration

Career Exploration is designed to teach students how to engage in the career-planning process, focusing on the exploration phase. Students will be involved in hands-on activities across the Career and Technical Education’s 16 career clusters to better understand themselves and how they may intersect with the world of work after college or immediately after high school. Students will partake in demonstrations, shadow different classes, and complete self-assessments to explore careers by utilizing an online navigation program and a Career Choices curriculum. They will document their learning and career plans by developing a career portfolio. 

Work-Based Learning

Work-Based Learning is a unique plan of education, integrating classroom study with planned and supervised work experience. It is a partnership between St. Johnsbury Academy and community employers that allows students to participate in related career awareness and work-experience programs. These services combine practical applications in the classroom with skills useful in the workplace and for future employment. Students have the opportunity to gain career experience, develop self-confidence, acquire necessary workplace readiness skills, and in some cases, earn a wage. 


Aaron Carr

Work-Based Learning Instructor


Mr. Carr began teaching at the Academy in 2000. He taught history, life skills, and helped match students with internships in the Special Services Department. In 2020, he moved to the CTE Department and became the Academy’s Work-Based Learning Coordinator. Mr. Carr is also a dorm proctor and the assistant varsity softball coach. He earned a BS in education from the University of Vermont and an M.Ed from Salem State University.