Why Extracurricular Activities and Sports Are So Important

As a high school parent, you’ve most likely heard that you should be thinking about the extracurricular activities your child will be able to list on their college applications. Whether it’s sports, theatre, music, or robotics, students should be participating in activities outside their academic coursework.


Why are extracurricular activities so important to their future? Extracurricular activities show colleges that a student can stick with an activity for an extended period, has passion, and takes initiative to continue learning and growing outside of their schoolwork.


Here are the top 6 benefits of participating in extracurricular activities and sports.


1. Cultivates Leadership Opportunities

Most high school extracurricular activities provide an opportunity to take on a leadership role. In that role students will be given responsibilities and learn to communicate with their peers from a position of authority. This develops needed skills for the future, and it also looks great on college applications.


2. Enhances Teamwork Experience

Whether playing a sport, participating in a club, or performing in a play, students will be working with their peers. While coursework is typically an individual activity, extracurricular activities teach students how to work with different types of people. Being a team player and adapting to their environment will benefit them in the future.


3. Develops Time Management Skills

High school is a busy time. Students have a lot going on, from academics to sports to clubs. When students take part in extracurricular activities, they will learn how to manage their time effectively out of necessity. Juggling several assignments and activities is a skill that will put them ahead of the game when they’re in college.


4. Promotes Networking Skills

During practice, rehearsal, or club meetings, students are interacting with their peers and making new friends with similar interests. Finding common ground and striking up conversation is the cornerstone of success in the professional world. This develops the networking skills they will need in the future.


5. Fosters Confidence

The more students accomplish, the more confident they become. In their extracurricular activities, students will learn how to work hard, have fun, and accomplish their goals. This establishes a strong foundation and instills confidence to help them advance in the future.


6. Increases Academic Performance

If students take part in activities they are passionate about, they will learn concentration and focus. That concentration will carry over into their academic life and improve their academic performance. In particular, if students are involved in sports or performing arts, they will gain endurance and achieve stamina that is needed to perform well academically.


Overall, extracurricular activities will help prepare your child for college and their professional future. Armed with these advanced skills, they can overcome obstacles in the future, and achieve success and happiness.


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