Headmaster’s Newsletter

The Hilltopper Restaurant

We are open to the public this semester!



Tuesday through Thursday (following the school schedule).

Seating time starts at 11:30 a.m. and ends at 12:45 p.m.



Call (802) 748-8965 to make a reservation..

Take-out orders are not available.


Hilltopper Restaurant student staff

The Hilltopper Restaurant is open to the public and is serviced by Academy students to provide a real-world restaurant experience. Students are instructed in food procurement and preparation, customer service and dining room management, food safety and the financial management of a business establishment.


Students utilize the Hilltopper Restaurant as a “working classroom”, developing entry level culinary skills needed for success in the food service industry or continuing education. Standard level courses offered in our Hospitality Restaurant Management and Culinary Principles provide students’ hands-on instruction to build skills while learning kitchen safety and sanitation. They are introduced to Hospitality career pathways and an introduction to front of the house operations.


Students are required to be trained in ServSafe that is a food and beverage certificate program administered by the U.S. National Restaurant Association where they can earn an Industry Recognized Credential.


Contacts are listed below for more information regarding the Hilltopper Restaurant.


Chef Jeff Andre


Sue Libbey