Headmaster’s Newsletter

SJA Senior Receives Golden Wrench Award

November 16, 2020

SJA senior Gavin Dufour has received the Golden Wrench Award for Spring 2020 from The Vermont Automobile Enthusiasts. The award, normally presented in the spring of a student’s junior year, was presented last week by SJA Career and Technical Education Director Patrick Guckin and Automotive Instructor Bret Bourgeois.


Gavin is one of 16 students recognized by the group and he received a $500 scholarship and $680 worth of Mac tools. The award honors a student’s positive attitude towards learning and a drive to succeed in a career in auto technology and is given to one student in each of Vermont’s career centers.


The Vermont Automobile Enthusiasts (VAE) is an antique and classic car club based in Vermont. Organized in 1953, the VAE is dedicated to the preservation, protection, promotion and appreciation of automobile history and technology.

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