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Math Team Ranks First Among U.S. Boarding Schools in Math Madness Competition

December 17, 2018

St. Johnsbury Academy ranked first among U.S. boarding schools at the conclusion of this year’s Math Madness, the nation’s premier online mathematics competition. The St. Johnsbury Academy Math Team participates annually in the Math Madness competition and ended their season this year ranked 28th in the entire United States, ahead of all other U.S. boarding schools, based on the scores of the top-20 students. In addition to the top-20 student results, SJA was ranked 29th based on the scores of the top-15 students, 39th based on the scores for the top-10 students, and 68th, based on the scores for the top-five students.


Rounds of the Math Madness competition are played in live-time via the internet using an iPad, laptop or similar device. The rankings are based on both number of questions answered correctly, and the time taken to answer. According to the Math Madness website, “In its 6th season, Math Madness is emerging as one of the premiere academic competition events in the United States, soon to be world-wide. In 2016, well over 500 schools and 10,000 students from across the country competed in the online league, tournament and championship…”


Sharon Fadden, Chair of the SJA mathematics department, said, “The students love this competition! It is not unusual to have fill two classrooms with mathletes on a Tuesday afternoon. It is exciting to see the level of enthusiasm that our students bring to each round. Freshman in Algebra 1 are competing alongside seniors in our college level multivariable calculus course. The speed and real-time results of this competition make it very engaging for students.”


Tom Lovett, Academy Headmaster, said, “This is a competition with the best schools in the country from coast to coast, and to be in the top 100, never mind being 28th, is a great testament to the quality of our math program and the training students get here. Sharon has done a great job building a math culture here and making our program truly world-class.”

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