SJA Theatre Presents Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Members of The Little Mermaid cast
November 12, 2019

St. Johnsbury Academy Theatre will bring the ocean, mermaids, mermen, crabs, fish, eels, squid, and seagulls to Fuller Hall when they perform Disney’s Broadway Musical, The Little Mermaid.  Performances will be Thursday and Friday, November 14th and 15th at 7:00 P.M. and on Saturday, November 16th at 2:00 P.M. 


The Broadway Musical version of The Little Mermaid is a thrilling romance where everyone sings and dances. A Mermaid, Ariel (Jordan Barbour), falls in love with a human, Prince Eric (Marc Lamontagne), much to her father Triton’s (William Haresch) chagrin, Ariel moves heaven and earth to turn into a human to be with him.  Ariel gets help from her evil Aunt Ursula, the sea witch (Kathleen Mayhew), and her electric eels (Sadie Chapman and Lily Seale). As part of the deal, Ariel signs away her soul to Ursula if things don’t work out.


It is up to Triton and Eric’s guardian, Grimsby (Gareth Romp), to keep the romantic duo from harm. Sebastian, the crab (James Lamontagne), is charged with looking after Ariel. Unlike her mersisters (Lily Barth, Ceirra Manassa-Curnin, Josephine Sestito, Madison Wilson, Cecilia Sweeney, and Shaelyn Craft), Ariel can’t stay away from the world above. Ariel’s friends, Scuttle, the seagull (Rory Higgs), and Flounder (Zoe Leach), try to help her, even though Flounder is jealous of her attentions to Prince Eric.  


This version of  The Little Mermaid has far more music and dancing than the film. It is brought to life by the hard-working cast, many of whom are playing multiple roles, including sailors, fish, maids, seagulls, princesses and zany chefs, led by Chef Louis (Danny Zhang). Ensemble members are; Dayton Wagner, Liam Picard, Frances Cozzens, Emma Holt, Rea Leoni Voigtlander, Olivia Blanchard, Ava May, Austen Babcock, Alexander Calcagni, Ryan Callaghan, Lily Barth, Cecilia Sweeney, Shaelyn Craft, Josephine Sestito, Madison Wilson, Ceirra Manassa- Curnin, Erin Langlais, Ella White, Norah Blankenship and Phoebe Forester.


A musical is a giant undertaking and this year’s production is an excellent example. Keeping the show on track are Janet Warner-Ashley (Director/Choreographer), Alan Rowe (Music Director), Emily Wigget (Accompanist), Marc Lamontagne (Assistant Music Director) and orchestra members Eli Winters, Sze Chun Chan, Aniela Thompson, Mason Davis, Emma Buhner, Harmony Evans, Luke Young-Xu and Ben Gwilt.


Helping on the production side, is Joshua Duncan (Technical Director), Lily Krause (Head of Tech and Lighting Designer), Sophie Guss (Stage Manager) and members of the technical construction and running crew (Colter Thibaudeau, Emma Sestito, Isaiah Whitsett, Simeon Anair, Thea MacDowell-Gilman, Alyssa Alger, Arianna and Chloe Ohlschwager, Cory Hodge, Ezra Willson, Katherine Blassingame, Zahi Rashid, Maria Zambon, Ramone Di Martino and Harmony Evans).


Jane Vinton (Costumier) and Sandra Lazerick (Costume Assistant) created magical creatures and Elizabeth Breen dressed the stage with properties. Special Makeup was done by Emerson Jolliffe. Ramone DiMartino created the artwork for posters, with Robert Kirk finishing the design. William Vinton served in the role of Producer and Program and Technical Assistance.


Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for students and senior citizens. Advance tickets are available through Catamount Arts at the box office on Eastern Ave. or online at Tickets will be sold at the door on the day of the performance.

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