Students’ Work to be Shown at Brattleboro Museum

February 16, 2021

St. Johnsbury Academy students won a total of 37 regional art awards in this year’s 2021 Scholastic Art Awards for both Fine art and Writing. A total of 10 students won awards for their work in Digital Art, Painting, Photography, Drawing and Illustration, Printmaking, Ceramics, Poetry, Short Story, Science Fiction and Fantasy. They received six Gold Keys, 17 Silver Keys, and 14 Honorable Mentions. Entries winning regional Gold Keys will be judged at the national level of the competition in the coming weeks.


Gold Keys were awarded to senior Lily Barth for ‘Til the Sun Drips Blood in Novel Writing, junior Anneke Beth in Painting for Portrait, senior Kay Conner for Anxiety in Photography, and senior Polly Currier for John 8:32 in Photography. Senior Sophia Stark earned two Gold Keys in Photography with Slumber and the portfolio  Quarantine Out.


Silver Keys were awarded to senior Lily Barth for Perspectives from the Homefront in Poetry, An Honest Mistake in Drama Script, Area of Inquiry: Domestic Violence in Critical Essay, Allan & Helen on Novel Writing, and Shot in the Dark in Science Fiction & Fantasy. Junior Anneke Beth earned a Silver Key in Digital Art for Atatiana, and two Silver Keys in Painting for Box and Path. Senior Sophia Stark earned three Silver Keys in Photography for Closed, Freedom, and Home.


Other students earning Silver Keys include senior Eve Codling for Twisted Fate in Writing Portfolio, senior Kay Conner for Body in Art Portfolio-photography, senior Michael Hazard for Mom’s Casserole and Rustic Apothecary Bottle Set of 3 in Ceramics, junior Cora Stearns for Sensitivity in Printmaking, and sophomore Zetong Wang for Inverted Image in Painting.


Honorable Mentions were awarded to senior Lily Barth for Love and Obsession: The Birthmark in Critical Essay, Don’t Blame Me in Poetry, Nonsense and Other Tales in Writing Portfolio, and Next Door in Short Story. Senior Sophia Stark also received four Honorable Mentions, in Photography, for Defeat, Breathe, Quarantine In, and Hoarding


Other students receiving Honorable Mentions were junior Anneke Beth with Hello! In Digital Art, senior Kay Conner with Soul Seeker and Curves in Photography, senior Ethan Howell in Short Story with Planks, and sophomore Zetong Wang with Mountains Around by Clouds in Painting and My Self Portrait in Drawing and Illustration.


Head of the Fine Arts department Rosie Prevost said, “Making art, as with any pursuit of excellence, takes time and dedication. Behind that finished piece, there is a process of practice, trial and error, revisions and reshoots, successes and failures. I would like to congratulate our fine art and creative writing students who have actively engaged with this creative process and whose work is recognized in this prestigious competition. It’s shows real perseverance and dedication to the creative process, especially during this difficulty time.”


Headmaster Sharon Howell said, “The range and quality of these awards is a tribute to the students, but also to the faculty teaching in these arts—our creative writing, drawing and painting, photography, and digital art teachers are practicing professionals, and we’re so fortunate to have them mentoring students at such a high level, and encouraging them to put their work out into the world.”


The award-winning work is on exhibit at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center from February 19 through March 6. An awards ceremony honoring the artists will take place virtually on Saturday, March 6 at 12:00 p.m. More details to follow.

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