Headmaster’s Newsletter

Connecting our Communities

March 9, 2021

Even as vaccines are more widely administered, and normalcy begins to slowly return, our community’s elderly remain isolated from their families and friends due to concerns about their health. Over the last few weeks, twenty St. Johnsbury Academy students have been working to ease some of that isolation.


The students are members of Students Creating Opportunities for Positive Engagement (SCOPE) and the group’s focus is to develop solutions to improve their school, local, and global communities. Through the club, members have the chance to promote grass-roots leadership initiatives on campus and in the community. Along with their advisor, Constance Morris, they have completed campus-wide projects to create advanced recycling on and have sponsored kindness initiatives within the school and the local community.


SCOPE’s current project is a letter-writing campaign intended to lift the spirits of elderly members of the community who have been affected by the pandemic. The students were concerned about how elderly have been forced to deal with loneliness and isolation. Each of the students wrote letters which included a special greeting and words of encouragement. Some of the students talked about themselves and some invited their new pen pals to reply if they wanted.


On Friday, Mrs. Morris delivered forty letters to the residents of the St. Johnsbury House, with a carnation for each person.

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