SJA Wrestler Competes at 2024 Northeast Freestyle Duals

May 1, 2024

On Sunday, April 28th, 9th Grader Jocelyn Allen from North Country Union High School, 8th Grader Payten Lathe from the youth Prospector Wrestlers and 11th Grader Mary Lopes (right, in photo) from St Johnsbury Academy Wrestling joined 12 other female wrestlers of Green Mountain Girls Wrestling (GMGW) to compete at the inaugural 2024 Northeast Women’s Freestyle Duals in Concord, NH.


Six teams of all-female wrestlers from Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island participated in the round-robin format freestyle wrestling duals tournament.  During the regular Grades K-6, Junior High, and High School wrestling seasons, wrestlers compete in Folkstyle Wrestling. After the regular season ends for the youth teams in April, the women’s Freestyle season begins. Freestyle wrestling is faster paced with an emphasis on scoring from the Neutral (standing) position, as well as earning points quickly by exposing an opponent’s back to the mat using various techniques not used during Folkstyle.


During the tournament, Harwood Union High School Coach Casey Moulton led GMGW to finish in Second Place to Doughgirls after beating three teams (Team NH 32-31, Team RI 37-34, and Maine Trappers 34-33) and losing to the remaining two teams (Doughgirls 48-24, and Lebanon Die Hard 34-26). Some of the women that wrestled today will be back on the road next week to compete at the Ultimate Club Duals freestyle tournament in Harrisburg, PA on May 4th and 5th.


“Opportunities like this dual tournament are incredibly important for women’s wrestling. After graduating high school, young men can continue with Folkstyle wrestling into college, but women must transition to Freestyle wrestling.  Additionally, if women want to strive for the USA World Team or set their sights on the US Olympic Team, their only option is to compete in Freestyle.  It all starts when they are young, and Vermont is finally gaining traction after many years of competing in sporadic events with small numbers. Focusing on the positive attributes of wrestling, in addition to an increase in college scholarship opportunities, has helped boost participation in women’s wrestling. Now is the time to join!” – Coach Rousseau, St Johnsbury Academy Wrestling.

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