Hearing from Hilltoppers: Hayden Brown

April 3, 2024

After being born in Virginia and raised in New York and Connecticut, Hayden Brown traveled to the Northeast Kingdom during the second semester of his sophomore year to board as a dorm student. Hayden is now a senior and plays a big role in our community here at SJA. Like many others, he loves the fall scenery and enjoys all the beautiful foliage around him. 


Hayden has been a dedicated forward wing on the basketball team and has played since his early childhood. His father worked on a college campus in New York when he was younger, so he has fond memories of getting to play with the college team. His last season of Academy basketball has just recently ended, but the team fought hard all winter. His favorite highlights from playing with the team were the bus rides to and from games!


In addition to the winter basketball season, Hayden also plays on the Unified Basketball team (Check out the Academy Sports schedule and come support one of their upcoming games). He loves teaching others to play the sport he loves and has a lot of fun laughing and joking around with the team. Although he’s never gotten to try any of the clubs offered, he has always wanted to try out Dungeons and Dragons at least once with his friends.


Some fun facts about Hayden are that he loves pistachios, and his favorite food in the dining hall is french fries; they’re delicious! Since his time as an Academy student, he has most appreciated the opportunity to meet new people. SJA is filled with so many people, faculty and students alike, with different backgrounds and experiences to share, and meeting them all has been one of the highlights of Hayden’s time on campus.


If Hayden could leave one lasting impact on campus before he leaves, it would be this: showing people that it’s alright to let loose (at least not in class) and have fun! Laughter is contagious!

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