Update to Academy Families — April 16, 2021

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April 16, 2021

Dear St. Johnsbury Academy Families,


I am happy to be writing to you as we head into our Spring Break, starting tomorrow, Saturday, April 17—and I want to thank you for all you’re doing to support your kids, to be in touch with us about issues that come up, and generally to do what we need to do to partner through this difficult year.


You should know, too, that we are so grateful for your students and the extraordinary resilience they have shown throughout this slow-motion crisis. Back in the fall I remember a conversation with the COVID Response Team about how in the world we were going to get everyone to wear a mask and follow the arrows we were putting down—thinking that we would have to intervene regularly to make sure those things were happening. Today, that worry feels almost absurd given the number of new guidelines and restrictions we have had to put in place, and how mature students have been about almost everything. I am just so proud of these students.


You should have received a few things from our staff in the last couple of days.


  • Interim grades went out to you from the Academic Office, and are also on the Parent Portal. Please be in touch with either individual teachers or Academic Dean Hank Eaton with any questions about grades or narratives. And just as an aside: know that if your student is having a tough semester, they are not alone. But they can finish stronger—and we will help.


  • The calendar of events went out for the different senior ceremonies, and celebrations that we hope will take place during the “senior week” of June 1st through June 4th. I need to note that all of our plans are subject to change if conditions change. We are excited about the number of events we will be able to hold in person with our seniors, given the continued restrictions we are bound to—we are following the Governor’s Vermont Forward guidelines for now. If you have questions please email Betsy Legendre at blegendre@stjacademy.org.


  • We know that there is lots of disappointment about the fate of the Senior Prom—we’re disappointed, too. But we are simply not able to hold a prom this year in the way it’s been in the past—in person, everyone at the Mount Washington Hotel—but we are trying to work to create a Senior Celebration that will include each of our students in a fair way, and have some of the fun and fanciness of the real thing. Thank you to all the seniors who have been working with us on this, and the senior families who have kindly offered their help.


  • Vermont 16- to 18-year-olds will be able to sign up here for the Pfizer COVID vaccine as of 10 a.m. Saturday, April 17. This is a change from the April 19th date that was previously announced. Also, thank you for honoring the state’s travel guidelines over the break.


I am told that the snow that is currently coming down on the tulips in front of Colby Hall is actually pretty normal. I will have to process that—I’ll do it over break. Please rest and restore, and we will see you with new energy and more tulips when you return on April 26th.


All best, and take care,

Dr. Sharon L. Howell


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