St. Johnsbury Academy Students Honored for Advanced Placement Success

February 7, 2024

St. Johnsbury Academy has offered AP courses since the 1980s, and continues to experience great success in the program. A total of 206 St. Johnsbury Academy students took 426 Advanced Placement exams in May 2023. The school’s 2023 passing rate, determined by the percentage of students who scored 3 or more points out of a possible 5 on an exam, was 83.0%, well above both the 2022 state average of 22.8% and the national average of 21.6% (U.S. public high schools).


St. Johnsbury Academy was also honored to receive the 2023 AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award.


The College Board’s Advanced Placement Program provides motivated and academically prepared students the opportunity to take rigorous college-level courses while still in high school allowing motivated students to stand out from their peers in college admissions, earn college credit, skip introductory college classes, and develop college-level skills. St. Johnsbury Academy currently offers 32 Advanced Placement courses.


2023 AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award


St. Johnsbury Academy earned the College Board’s AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award for, according to the College Board, “expanding young women’s access to AP Computer Science Principles (CSP) and achieving high female representation in AP Computer Science Principles. Schools honored with the AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award have expanded girls’ access in AP Computer Science courses.” To receive this award, over 50% of St. Johnsbury Academy AP Computer Science students taking the class during the 2022-2023 school year were female.


St. Johnsbury Academy is among only 834 schools in the U.S. to receive this recognition in AP Computer Science, and one of only two in Vermont.


AP Scholars


An impressive 70 Academy students were honored for exceptional performance on their AP exams: 21 were recognized as AP Scholar with Distinction for receiving an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more exams. These students were Aidan Brody, Uma Chirkova, Harper Crance, Maaike Dam, Jasmine Engle, Mary Fowler, Hannah Keith, Greer Kennedy, Adelle Kennison-Prue, Griffin Kimball, Esme Kimber, Nathan Lenzini, Hannah MacDonald, Liam Markey, Misumi Matsudo, Theodora Montague, Alejandro Orozco Kuri, Paxton Smith, Aniela Thompson, Brooke White, and James Wai Bong Wong.


Seventeen students received AP Scholar with Honor for an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more exams. They were Olivia Blanchard, McKenna Crance, Krane Davis, Elmore Dickstein, Margaret Fischer, Maren Giese, Genevieve Hatch, Haden McLaughlin, Ivy Pavick, Eli Rexford, Victoria Scherer, Sophia Shippee, Ethan Spence, Ellie Syn, Maya Torres, Max Weber, and Yubo Zhang.


Thirty-two students received the distinction of AP Scholar for receiving a 3 or higher on three or more AP exams: Kaia Anderson, Nathaniel Bernier, Madeline Blanchard, Eric Chen, Kape Clements, Amos Colby, Honora Davis, Gerardo Fernandez, Zhi Howes, Nya Jewell, Siri Jolliffe, Selin Kilic, Estelle Kokernot, Charles Krebs, Alicia Li, Shelby Lizotte, Nolan Malloy, Gennavonna Mazza, Quinn Murphy, Elsie Prince, Estelle Przybycien, Ava Purdy, Peyton Qualter, Nicholas Reed, Dolma Sherpa, Nicholas Sipples, Ceylin Sutou, Xiang Chun Tsai, Zetong Wong, Elizabeth Weber, Yizhou Xu, and Boya Zhang.


In addition, 18 students received the AP Capstone Diploma in preparation for which students must complete a two-year course sequence: AP Seminar followed by AP Research. Students who complete the AP Seminar and Research courses and earn scores of 3 or higher on the subsequent exams, as well as on at least 4 other AP exams, earn the AP Capstone Diploma. Students successfully completing only the AP Seminar and AP Research courses and exams earn the AP Seminar and Research Certificate.


St. Johnsbury Academy students receiving the AP Capstone Diploma were Eric Chen, Emore Dickstein, Jasmine Engle, Margaret Fischer, Genevieve Hatch, Hannah Keith, Alan Kennison-Prue, Griffin Kimball, Nathan Lenzini, Shelby Lizotte, Hannah MacDonald, Liam Markey, Haden McLaughlin, Theodora Montague, Paxton Smith, Ellie Syn, Aniela Thompson, Maya Torres, and Nathan Lenzini. Nine students received the AP Seminar and Research Certificate (Krane Davis, Zhi Howes, Yiliao Huang, Nya Jewell, Alicia Li, Elsie Prince, Ceylin Sutcu, Zetong Wang, and Yizhou Xu), and one student, Nathan Lenzini, received the AP International Diploma which is awarded to qualifying student planning to attend college outside the U.S.


Headmaster Sharon Howell said, “We are always proud of the academic accomplishments of our students, and the impressive annual AP results serve as proof of their academic achievement and hard work. I am especially proud of our having received the AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award. Our young women do great things, and again, this is proof.”


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