Daily Bulletin | Tuesday

March 28, 2023

White Day


Good morning from the Student Life Office — This announcement is for everyone who drives to school. The speed limit on campus is 10 miles per hour. If you are going above that speed, please know that you are putting other people on campus at risk. We all know that speed is the number one cause of car accidents, because it reduces the driver’s reaction time. People may cross in front of you or back out in front of you and if you are going too fast, it could end with an injury or an accident with another car. We need a safe campus, including the parking lots and the roads on campus. Please watch your speed.


Ms. Greenstone’s C Block class is reminded to take first lunch today and then report to Ranger 110.


If you want to be considered for free Driver’s Education through the Guidance Office for next year, the sign-ups close this Friday. If you do not sign up by this Friday, you will be automatically at the end of the waitlist. Please see your guidance counselor to sign up.


SkillsUSA students and advisors will have a brief meeting after school today to discuss plans for the dinner and auction being held this Saturday. Attendance will be taken, and plans will be finalized for the event. Please speak to your SkillsUSA advisor if you have a conflict. This meeting will be held in Streeter 225, Mrs. McGarvin’s room.  


There will be a quick India Trip participant meeting on Wednesday at 3:15 in Tinker House.


The Make it Better Club will meet today at 3:45 in Ranger 212. All members are asked to check your emails for an important request regarding the Recharge Room.


Let’s go climbing! Do you love to climb things? Are you not playing a spring sport and want to stay strong? Are you bored and need something to do? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are a great candidate to join the Outing Club this Thursday as we travel to the North Country Climbing Center. Everyone is welcome and those that have never climbed are encouraged to come to try something new! The bus will leave Brantview drive at 3:35 and return by 6pm. See Mr. Holden or Mr. Weiss for details.


It all comes down to this… Percy Jackson and Harry Potter are in a head-to-head matchup in the Final Round of March Madness in the Library! Which of these beloved series will win? Check your stjlabs email for an electronic ballot or drop by the library to vote in person. The Final Round closes on Thursday, March 29, at 3:00 pm, so vote for your favorite today! 


Four St. Johnsbury Academy students presented at the Vermont Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Fair Saturday. Eric Chen’s work on genetics and plant metabolism earned the Vermont Principal’s Association Prize (which included $250) and the US Army Outstanding Science Prize. Jasmine Engles’ work on how wastewater run-off promotes the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria in a local river received 4 awards including the Stockholm Water Prize, the Association for Women Geoscientists Award, the National Geographic Award (which included $100), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Pulse of the Planet Award. Ava Massoni’s work on communication in various local mushroom types received an overall STEM-Fair Silver Medal and the US Air Force Outstanding Science Prize. Dolma Sherpa’s work on the response of a small crustacean to ultraviolet radiation received the Society for In-Vitro Biology certificate, earned Dolma a full scholarship to continue her research at the New Hampshire Academy of Science, and received an overall STEM-Fair Gold Medal.  Congratulate and cheer these four as you see them in your classes and in the halls!


Happy Birthday today to Rylee Acox, Linden Van der Linde, and Isaiah Woodward! 


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