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Daily Bulletin | Tuesday

December 15, 2020

Math Exams

White Cohort Day


Don’t forget – Tomorrow and Thursday are Ugly Holiday Sweater Days!


If you have lost a gray jacket–please stop by the Main Office and give Mrs. McGinnis a description to claim it.


Readers! This week is your last chance to return any overdue books before break! If you want to renew something, please email: library@stjlabs.com with the name of the book. Thanks!


Students – If you rented a calculator from Mrs. Ely in the capstone/math office this semester and are looking to return it, please do so after your final exams this week. If there are any students looking to keep their calculators for next semester or if there are any other questions regarding the rental program, please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Ely (cely@stjacademy.org) or Mr. Kinsella (pkinsella@stjacademy.org). Students who do not return calculators or fail to notify Mrs. Ely or Mr. Kinsella will have their accounts charged for the calculators.


Happy Birthday today to Jenny Tsui.


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