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Daily Bulletin | Monday

April 4, 2022

White Day


Students interested in applying to Upward Bound, please stop by the Guidance Office today. 


Calling all College Bound Hilltoppers! Plymouth State University will be on campus today at 10am in Colby Conference Room. Please be sure to sign up for either visit on Naviance and to view all details. If you are scheduled to be in class during the time of either visit, please check in with your teacher before coming to the college visit. You are also required to return to class after the completion of the visit and attendance is turned into the Main Office.


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The Introduction to Human Services Class has been working with Umbrella’s prevention advocate to bring this action campaign to campus. As stated in Umbrella’s social media posts “These action campaigns have been created to end the cycle of silence and change the way society responds to sexual assault. The goal is to focus specifically on changing the response to survivors of sexual assault by expressing belief and support, rather than doubt, shame, or blame. Your support and response is everything,” please join us by wearing teal as part of your dress code appropriate outfit to school as a show of your support tomorrow, Tuesday April 5. Teal ribbons have also been provided to advisors for distribution as well. More action events and information will be announced throughout the month.


Math club will not meet this week. See you all next week for the final ASMA competition. 


No Science Olympiad today Monday, April 4. Science Olympiad will meet Tuesday and Wednesday this week.


Happy Belated Birthday over the weekend to Anna Casciari, Garson Cass, Grayson Cass, Tyler Diemer, Thea MacDowell-Gilman, Emma Marceau, Kevin Zheng, Brooke Haggett, Chandler Bennett, Carter Bunnell, Elizabeth Laflamme, and Lukas Puskas!  Happy Birthday today to Sawyer Castle and Emma Greenan!


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