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Daily Bulletin | Friday

May 5, 2023

Capstone Day


Monday will be a green day.


There will be a mandatory meeting for the Ghana trip next week.  Please attend either Tuesday, May 16th or Wednesday, May 17th at 3:15. Paperwork will be handed out to those that haven’t received it yet and we will discuss additional items that weren’t mentioned in the 1st meeting. Please email Ms. Keach if you have any questions.


The Dance Department Spring Dance Open House will take place Sunday, May 7th at 7pm in the Morse Black Box. All students, faculty, staff, families and friends are invited to join the dancers in celebrating the end of the term. There is no charge.


Don’t forget about the fur babies waiting for your help! The Riverside Rescue Shelter Drive runs through Friday the 12th. Some of the most needed items you can donate are Small Dog Bones, Non-Clumping Cat Litter, Strong Toy Bones that have Tension, 13 Gallon Garbage Bags, Dishwasher Tabs, Dog Food, and Purina Cat Chow. Check your class Canvas page for the full list of items to donate. Drop off donations in the boxes located in the Field House, the Library, Colby Hall, Fuller Hall, and South Church. Thanks to everyone that has donated so far! These fur babies need your help meow! And they will woof you from the bottom of their hearts!


Congratulations to Norah Blankenship, who will have the first-place honor of having her original one-act play, “Moving Day”, performed by professional actors in a public performance at the Young Vermont Playwrights’ Festival at the Flynn Center in Burlington on May 17. Jupiter McGregor’s play “Aquiban Legend” has been given second-place honors and will receive a cold reading by professional actors during the festival. Hayden Stephenson’s play “Shirt Colors and Mini-Golf” will receive an honorable mention. Congratulations to the winners and to all of the writers in the creative writing classes for their exceptional work!


Question: How do you hold politicians accountable? Answer: Not sure there is a good answer in the short term. In the long term, it starts by not signing a petition for a potential Student Gov Rep until they answer any questions you have and convince you that they are worthy to be on the ballot. Helping these Student Gov candidates today will help make more accountable politicians tomorrow. Student Government petitions may be picked up from Mr. Ryan or your Class Dean.


There are some of you who have practiced breaking a t-shirt out of a block of ice and then wear it for many years. This is a talent, but a talent that many others may be a little judgy about. Don’t listen to the Frozen t-shirt Shamers. Show your talent on May 19th at the Frozen T-Shirt event at Spring Day. If that is not your talent, Spring Day will also have Jug Ball, Soccer, Slip and Slide, a Slow Bike Race, Trivia, basketball, and much, much more.


Happy Birthday today to Javad Gasimov!  Happy Birthday on Sunday to Elise D’Ambra, Jackson Kaufman, Cody McElroy, and Ayumi Suzuki!  A special Happy Birthday on Sunday to Michael Millett from his advisory, and to Rory Higgs from all his friends!



UNIFIED BASKETBALL @ OXBOW 3:30, please release the team at 1:45

VARSITY GIRLS LACROSSE vs COLCHESTER 4:30, please release the team at 3:00

JV SOFTBALL/JV WHITE BASEBALL @ BFA- ST. ALBANS 4:30, please release the teams at 1:00

VARSITY BASEBALL/SOFTBALL vs. BFA-ST. ALBANS 5:00, please release the teams at 2:30



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