Headmaster’s Newsletter

Daily Bulletin | Tuesday

April 5, 2022

Wear Teal Day


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The Introduction to Human Services Class has been working with Umbrella’s prevention advocate to bring this action campaign to campus. As stated in Umbrella’s social media posts “These action campaigns have been created to end the cycle of silence and change the way society responds to sexual assault. The goal is to focus specifically on changing the response to survivors of sexual assault by expressing belief and support, rather than doubt, shame, or blame. Your support and response is everything,” please join us by wearing teal as part of your dress code appropriate outfit to school as a show of your support tomorrow, Tuesday April 5. Teal ribbons have also been provided to advisors for distribution as well. More action events and information will be announced throughout the month.


Please show your advisory the attached video promoting this afternoon’s Unified basketball game created by Austen Babcock and Delaney Rankin.



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