Clay II (Accelerated)

Credits: 1

Clay has been used as a medium for both utilitarian purposes and artistic expression for thousands of years, crossing all cultures, lands, and groups of people. From the most primitive pit-fired pot to the most sophisticated computer-controlled kiln- fired art work, clay remains a medium of infinite fascination. This course focuses on expanding student understanding of historical, technical, and conceptual processes associated with working in clay. Students will refine their throwing skills and learn how to create complex forms such as pouring vessels, lidded vessels, and myriad other utilitarian forms. Hand- building processes will also be thoroughly examined and students will be free to choose which method(s) they prefer to pursue. Additional emphasis will be placed on surface embellishment, decorative carving, glaze experimentation, and loading, firing, and unloading kilns. Individual aesthetic expression will be highly encouraged.


Prerequisite: Clay I