Headmaster’s Newsletter

Ballet II (Accelerated)

Credits: 1

Ballet II is a continuation of Ballet I on a more demanding level. Exercises are more complicated and demanding, involving changes of direction, feet, sides, front and back. The barre work and center floor are more intricate and incorporate more use of arm and upper body movement in concert with leg work. Exercises coming across the floor and grande allegro are more varied, incorporating jumps, turns, jetes, tour jetes, multiple pirouettes, and beats in longer movement phrases and phrases with rhythmic changes. Use of the upper body and port de bras are incorporated with a focus on creating fluid and well-coordinated movement. Ballet II is a continuation of Ballet I and a preparation for further study of ballet. Completion of one credit of Ballet II results in the waiver of one credit of physical education, but may not be substituted for Introduction to Physical Education.