Pat Bean Forest ’77

Pat Bean Forest '77
June 23, 2020

Pat Bean Forest ’77 is the Director of Volunteer Services at Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital. 


In her role, Pat touches nearly all areas of the hospitals. She typically manages and supports 140 active volunteers who provide a variety of help to improve the patient experience at NVRH –  from greeting patients and visitors, to assisting departments in numerous ways, and to providing music and reiki, the list goes on and on. Her dedication enhances the feeling of community at the hospital and the volunteers appreciate her ongoing support. 


Deb Davison, NVRH volunteer who typically assists in the Emergency Department, shared, “As a volunteer at NVRH, knowing and working with Pat Forest is a privilege and a pleasure. She works tirelessly, always with a smile on her face, and somehow makes everything look easy. Perhaps her greatest gift is that no matter how busy she is, she always manages to make me feel appreciated and important.  She truly is a ‘Shining Star’.”


Since the pandemic, Pat’s role has had to change. Laural Ruggles, VP of Marketing and Community Health improvement at NVRH detailed these changes: 


When the COVID19 pandemic forced the shutdown of the hospital volunteer program, Director of Volunteer Services Pat Forest “ran into the fire” and got even busier.  Pat put her years and variety of experience into good use and became a vital member of the NVRH Incident Command System.  As hospital operations changed dramatically and often from hour to hour, Pat stepped up and took on the role of setting up the entrance screener function to prevent the spread of the virus and keep patients and staff safe and healthy.  Pat looks forward to the day when hospital operations go back to normal and her volunteers can once again spread cheer and assist patients and staff.


We wish Pat the best of luck as she continues her work to involve volunteers at the hospital in light of the pandemic. 


Thank you to Pat Forest for doing all she can to help NVRH serve our community. She was a shining star before the pandemic, and now she shines even brighter!



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