Aides to Senator Sanders Visit CTE Department

September 7, 2023

Staff members with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’ office visited campus on August 30 to speak with students and faculty in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) department. During the visit, a mix of day and boarding students shared their candid thoughts about the program and the successes they have achieved through the training and opportunities offered by the various programs. 


Some students listed the benefits of CTE programs that offer creative problem-solving, like entrepreneurship, and the ability to work with their hands, as in automotive and electrical classes. Others mentioned the benefits of being engaged with their classmates to meet goals and solve problems.


For some students, the benefits from the program have been learning what they don’t want to do. Senior Kadynce DeWees-Crane had planned to enter the field of veterinary medicine. After an internship with a local veterinary clinic, Kadence realized that she wanted to do something different and now plans to join the military in a medical capacity.


Headmaster Sharon Howell said, “It was compelling to hear from students taking courses across Career and Technical Education, from electrical to human services to automotive, talking about their many motivations for doing so. And of course, it’s so impressive to hear about the skills and mindsets they are developing here. I’m beyond proud of these award-winning programs, and proud that as a comprehensive school we make academics and experiential learning available for all our students.”


Senator Sanders is the Chairman of the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee.

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