Headmaster’s Newsletter

Exploring Many Interests

Tim Chan ’20

Hometown: Hong Kong

Sze a student with many interests

As a person who has a deep passion for both the humanities as well as math and science, St. Johnsbury Academy’s wide range of courses has allowed me to explore and pursue various, even contrasting interests without constraints. With very small classes that are categorized into four different levels—Basic, Standard, Accelerated, and Advanced Placement— I was granted the freedom and ability to truly recognize and address my academic strengths and weaknesses, and to improve without becoming overwhelmed.


When I first came to the Academy with limited English skills, I was uncertain where I would place in terms of the difficulty of classes. However, thanks to teachers and guidance counselors that provided me with many opportunities to try out various classes, I was finally able to find my place. Although I started in a lower level English class, I worked hard and was able to take multiple AP classes during my senior year. In addition, my teachers at the Academy have had a unique ability to transform traditionally mundane subject matter into entertaining lessons, igniting a sense of eagerness and passion to learn in their students. As teachers cultivate their students towards maturity, they inspire them to achieve things they may not have thought possible.