Good Neighbor Student

Noah Sorin

Montgomery, Vermont

Noah Sorin

Whether you are prepared for independent learning or you still need faculty support to really engage with a subject, St. Johnsbury Academy provides countless opportunities for all of their students to succeed and thrive. Throughout my four years at the Academy, I have been fortunate enough to explore a number of intriguing courses and electives, ranging from Philosophy to Creative Writing to AP Spanish, and I have barely even scratched the surface of the Academy’s impressive 220 available courses. 


Within these classes, I have been able to work with a vast range of faculty – each with their own inquisitive perspective and unique teaching style. Additionally, the teachers are passionate about what they do, whether it be ceramics or teaching poetry, and this tends to bring the classroom together and inspire real learning. 


High school is often thought to be just another stepping stone in education for teenagers to explore their interests and learn critical thinking skills, but St. Johnsbury provides outlets for students to accomplish so much more. As a creative writer, I got my first short story published as a freshman in our annual writing and art journal The Clear River Review. And four years later, I have worked, with the support of the English department, to receive national recognition for my poetry in the national Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. After taking all six available levels of Spanish, not only do I feel comfortable opening up conversations with native speakers, but I even built a plan to further develop those skills by travelling internationally. And while I had faculty supporting me across all subjects, the best part about both of those experiences was that I chose my own path. Teachers may have recommended that I follow certain interests, but I always had the freedom to devote my time to the subjects in which I had the strongest interest. I pursued Spanish and creative writing because travel and writing are two things that I am passionate about, but everybody at the Academy has the independence to pursue their own passions.


Beyond the curriculum there lies even greater opportunities for student scholars to explore their interests and build up their resumé for college. After school, students have the option to attend a great number of academic clubs including Writers Block, Spanish club, Scholars Bowl, the Robotics Team, Science Olympiad, and more. 


Overall, because of the impressive course selection, the premier faculty, the great sense of community, the myriad of opportunities for students to engage with learning, and the unique university-style scheduling, St. Johnsbury Academy is a sublime environment for scholars to continue their academic journey.