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May 10, 2024

Green Day


Attention students who are planning to run for Student Government — Mr. Ryan is standing by the side door. Please feel free to hand him your petition right after Chapel.


Are you a graduating senior that has committed to play a sport in college? Bring your college apparel and have your picture taken Monday at 3:00pm in the Alumni Gym. Contract Mr. Rainville with any questions.


Ride the wave! Grab your shades and hit the beach with tonight’s dance — it’s tropical themed! 8-10:30pm, Morse Lobby & Stowe Green. $3 per person or $5 per couple. Bring extra $ for the tropical treats table! Doors close at 9:00pm. 


3 fun facts about bikinis — Fun Fact #1: Did you know that the bikini was named in 1946 after the Bikini Atoll, a coral reef in the Marshall Islands, and a nuclear warhead test site? Fun Fact #2: Did you know that evidence of the bikini style has been found as early as 5600 BCE, in Catal Huyuk, a settlement in modern day Turkey? Fun Fact #3: Did you know that you CANNOT wear bikinis and other bathing suits to tonight’s tropical dance? Again, please do not wear a bathing suit to the dance tonight. You can, however, sport your favorite Miami Vice suit or your brightest beach dress. See you there…in clothes. 


If you are interested in accelerating through some of your math classes, listen up! The math department is offering two amazing opportunities this summer to do just that. If you have completed geometry and you want to take AP PreCalc next fall, sign up for the summer Trigonometry course. Or if you have finished Trigonometry and want to take AP Calc next fall, sign up for the summer PreCalc course. Details about the courses and how to sign up can be found on the flyers around campus.  Feel free to stop by SV13 or SV15 with any questions.


Alumna Rachel Fickes and Dr. John Franklin from UVM will be holding two interactive workshops on ancient Greek music with Mrs. Callanan’s Latin classes today during D and E block. If you are free during one of those blocks and would like to join them in C309, please email Mrs. C. to let her know.


You have seven days to work on your arm strength and aim if you would like to dunk your favorite faculty member in the Dunk Tank next Friday at Spring Day!


Are you a glass half full or glass half empty person? If you are glass half full, you can start getting psyched about Spring Day’s Culture Fest, Yard Sale, Trivia, Soccer, and Dodge Ball. If you are glass half empty, you can spend time discussing the lameness of things. Either way, Spring Day is about talking, making connections, enjoying the sun, and celebrating the 2023-2024 school year!


Happy Birthday today to Ellis Heaton, Kyle Jones, Madisyn Lamont, Adelaide Pearl and a special Happy Birthday to Abigal Gerhardt from her advisory! Happy Birthday tomorrow to Julius Bresele, and on Sunday to Ryder Smith, Ezra Steele, Kathryn Zajko, and a special Happy Birthday on Sunday to “Big Mike” Zhang from his teachers and friends!


Varsity Baseball beat Burlington, 11-1. Rex Hauser had 2 RBI’s with a double, Jason Mitchell Jr. had 3 RBI’s with a triple, and Carter Bunnell had a hit with 2 RBI’s.  Cage Thompson pitched entire game giving up only 3 hits. The JV team also beat Burlington, 13-0. Liam Paquette and Bryce Gordon threw a combined 1‑hitter complete game shut out with a total of 9 strike outs.


Boys Varsity Lacrosse team beat BFA-Fairfax, 11-5. Noah Pekarski had 6 goals, Jack Emerson and James Hatch each had 2 goals, and Louie Palmieri and Holden Brigham each had one goal, while Connor Brigham had 12 saves in goal for the team.




GIRLS TENNIS vs. CVU 3:30, please release the team at 2:10

BOYS TENNIS @ CVU 4:30, please release the team at 1:00








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