Life Choices (Accelerated)

Credits: 1

In this Junior/Senior elective course, students will have the opportunity to explore common health and wellness topics as they prepare to transition to college, military or employment. Students will use knowledge gained to help them analyze and continue to improve their physical, social and emotional health. Emotional Intelligence and the importance of Positive Psychology in reaching one’s full potential and maneuvering through life’s challenges will be central themes in this course. Strengthening resilience, dealing with common social and emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, and addiction will help empower students to lead a healthy and successful life. The course will also investigate effective communication, healthy relationships, goal setting, decision-making, understanding of sexual health/sexuality, nutritious meal planning, fitness, and basic financial management. This course fulfills an elective requirement for the Biomedical and Health Sciences Certificate Program and fulfills the health graduation requirement.


Open to Juniors or Seniors.