Genetics (Accelerated)

Credits: 1

During the first half of the course, students will investigate laboratory techniques and tools used in genetics. Model organisms will include Drosophila melanogaster, Brassica rappa, and C. elegans for study of inheritance patterns beyond those learned in earlier courses. During the second part of the course, students will use polymerase chain reaction technology and on-line libraries of sequenced genomes to conduct experiments that can identify the presence of genes in organisms. Students’ outcomes will include an enhanced exposure to and understanding of how the field of genetics influences their lives and environments, from genetically-modified foods and medicines, to selective breeding programs of domestic animals, and other relevant applications. Treatment will be given to ethical and legal considerations as well.


Prerequisites: Biology: Living and Chemical Systems (Accelerated) and Physics: Systems of Matter, Motion, and Energy (Accelerated) grade >85 or (Standard) grade >90