Culinary Arts II (Standard)

Credits: 3

Students build on the skills learned in Culinary I by concentrating on the preparation and service of a range of menus and food styles. Students are immersed in many facets of food service and hospitality management including: menu planning, customer service, ethics, cost analysis, equipment maintenance, purchasing, and à la carte cooking. Students will become acquainted with post-secondary educational options as well as a range of career pathways. Through our current articulation agreement with a number of colleges, students who complete the two-year Culinary Arts program are eligible for a number of scholarships and waived course requirements. Students who pass the NOCTI examination receive the industry-recognized credential of “Certified Secondary Graduate” from the American Culinary Federation. St. Johnsbury Academy is one of 120 secondary programs throughout the United States accredited by the ACF.


Prerequisite: Culinary Arts I

Open to Juniors and Seniors.