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AP English Literature and Composition

Credits: 1

This course leads directly to the taking of the Advanced Placement examination in English Literature and Composition in the spring. The course introduces and reinforces skills that will allow students to do well on the AP exam. It engages students in a wealth of literature and a range of genres, reading both widely and deeply; students also write critical analysis, including expository, analytical, and argumentative essays. Students will refine college-level critical thinking skills through the interpretation of prose, poetry, and drama, with a focus on British literature. The Senior Capstone experience required for graduation is also embedded in the course.


Prerequisites: concurrent enrollment in AP Research Open to Seniors; with departmental approval


School Delay

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St. Johnsbury Academy will have a 2-hour delay today, Monday, December 4, 2023. Students should report directly to their A block classes by 9:55am. We will communicate any changes by 7:00am, otherwise we will see everyone at 10:00am!