Yao Zhuo

Animation About Environmental Pollution

It’s hard to make a moving image. I knew this from the beginning. I’m not a perfectionist. However, I know that even subtle changes in light sources and shooting angles can make an animation less than ideal. My animation inspiration comes very simply from my life.


I saw a video about the waste water from the chemical factory which hurt many villagers. The poor villagers were seriously ill. It reminds me of my hometown. The road I take to school every day has a smelly gutter. I still remember every passer-by covering their nose. The act of covering my nose reminds me that my uncle likes smoking. We also cover our noses at family dinners to prevent ourselves from breathing in second-hand smoke. This is why I want to try to link environmental pollution with human smoking.


Could my artwork in some way help in protecting the environment? Compared with environmental issues, my work is trivial. I hope my work will bring a smile to the lips of the audience and a change in their inner view of environmental issues. That’s my motivation.

View the video of Yao’s process.

Yao’s ANIMAtion