Observational Drawing and Painting

I started painting when my memory began. I used color pens to draw the fantasy world that was in my brain. Drawing and watching animation are what I have been passionate about since childhood. When I was a child, I liked to sit on the ground and draw for the whole afternoon. My mom told me I broke the “Panda Family” DVD by watching it six times. After watching animation for a long time, I’m thinking about making it on my own. I started doing my own animations during my freshmen year, although they were rough and short.


I’m looking forward to my work being propagated to the public in the future. I follow some bloggers who post their artwork on social media. One of them joined the production team of their favorite animation when he grew up. Some draw the posters for their favorite television shows. If I could participate in the production of projects I like, it’s going to be the best ever. Thus, I need to go to an art school to help myself approach this dream.


For my college application portfolio, I need some observational painting.  The paintings I’ve made are from my life.  I really like the bright color and use of multiple canvases utilized by David Hockney.  Making my painting colorful is what I really like. Maybe I’m that kind of colorful person. I remember my art teacher from primary school saying that I painted one normal park scene like a night neon urban scene.

View the video of Amy’s process.

Amy’s Gallery

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