Kathryn Davis ’02, Pamela Whitcomb Dearborn ’72, and Ashley Pray Leonard ’10

Kathryn Davis, Pamela Whitcomb Dearborn, and Ashley Pray Leonard
June 11, 2020

Celebrating Kathryn Davis ’02, Pamela Whitcomb Dearborn ’72, and Ashley Pray Leonard ’10. They are recognized for their work with Northern Counties Health Care. 


Northern Counties Health Care (NCHC) plays an important role in caring for the Northeast Kingdom. They have five community health centers, three dental centers, and a certified home health care & hospice division.


Katie Davis is a Registered Nurse in the Maternal Child Health department of Caledonia Home Health Care & Hospice, a division of NCHC. She delivers preventative education to new parents, coordinates care across services, and provides medical home visits to children up to age 18. Katie frequently checks in with her clients and patients to ensure they are connected with support and have access to resources for the things they need. These check-ins are crucial during the time of the pandemic, as many have needs they would not normally have. She offers continued care via telehealth and in-person visits in the home or other locations preferred by the family.


Pam is the Clinical Practice Manager at NCHC’s St. Johnsbury Community Health Center. During COVID-19 this site has also activated a respiratory care clinic. The clinic provides respiratory care and helps triage potentially positive patients, helping to ease the strain on local emergency departments. Pam’s leadership, hard work, and dedication to the patients and staff at NCHC have helped her team to serve our community during challenging times.  


Ashley is a Registered Nurse at NCHC’s Danville Health Center. Ashley has been working with patients in a variety of ways: setting up phone, telehealth, or in house visits; providing outreach to check in with patients; and triaging patients for COVID19 symptoms. Her role has helped people to not put their care on hold. 


Thank you to Katie, Pam and Ashley for serving on the front lines and ensuring that your patients have access to the care and resources they need during the pandemic.



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