David Hale, Paula Bystrzycki ’80, and Jeffrey Andre

SJA Culinary Team
May 22, 2020

Celebrating SJA Culinary Faculty, David Hale, Paula Bystrzycki ’80, and Jeffrey Andre; with special thanks to the Aladdin Food Management team. Together, they have ensured that our Friday community lunches could continue without interruption.


Today marks the 9th week of the meals since the Stay Home Stay Safe order was put in place. They have gone above and beyond to provide an important food resource to our community, especially as other programs have not been able to continue.


Typically, meals are put together and served by students in Chef Hale’s Introduction to Culinary course and the meal site runs when school is in session. Once the move was made to remote learning, Chef Hale, Chef Bystrzycki, and Chef Andre happily stepped up to meet the need for the meals through the end of the school year. Every week they have packaged hot meals for take out and have served approximately 50 meals out the door weekly. They have delivered another 25 meals weekly and have also been providing frozen meals for people to use on the weekends.


The Aladdin Food Management team, SJA’s food service provider, has utilized leftover food for the frozen meals. These are from meals prepped for boarding students who remained on campus. They have also assisted with ordering food. Their support has been crucial to this program and the team has been so thankful for their support.


Thank you to Chef Hale, Chef Bystrzycki, and Chef Andre for your leadership and positivity as you have worked together to feed our community!



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