cooking with wild foods



Saturday, May 20, 2023 | 3:30-6:30PM


Tuition: $75


In this class, participants will learn to make dishes with common, safe-to-harvest wild edibles that grow plentifully in our region. Depending on how the season is shaking out, these may include ramps, dandelion greens and/or flowers, nettles, crinkleroot, burdock root and stem, violets, spring beauties, and fiddleheads.


Ingredients will be pre-picked by the teacher, but we will discuss good harvesting practices and foraging safety during the class.


What we make will depend on what’s available. Possibilities include farmed & foraged salad with vinaigrette; dandelion flower fritters with hot honey; Japanese-style braised burdock and carrot; sautéed pork, wild leeks and nettles; and wildflower panna cotta


Class includes instruction time, cooking, and sitting down for a meal with your classmates. Questions encouraged. Bring an apron, if you’d like.


Many dietary restrictions can be accommodated. The majority of our ingredients – most importantly, all of the animal products – will be  sourced from local farms and forests.


Instructor: Suzanne Podhaizer


Suzanne Podhaizer is a chef, farmer, and award-winning journalist with a passion for creative, ethical cooking (and eating). She and her partner, Jack, have a homestead in St. Johnsbury. There, they sugar, forage, and grow food plants and mushrooms. Suzanne is entranced by cheese, edible flowers, wild foods, books, board games, and photography. If she could teach everybody one cooking technique, it would be braising. She also loves dreaming up themed menus, especially when they’re based on literature, film, or moments from history. Find her on Instagram or Facebook at @havenhearthandhomestead




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