Ways To Give: What Other Alums Are Saying

The Power of Matching Gifts

Lynne Jones Caljouw ’91


Lynne Jones Caljouw ’91 (left) and Assistant Head for Advancement Tammi Sullivan Cady ’88

By Lynne Jones Caljouw ’91


From a very early age, I was taught the value of giving — whether that be time, talent, or treasure. I work for Sensata Technologies which has a matching gift program and I have made sure that I utilize that benefit to maximize my philanthropic endeavors. Matching gifts play a critical role in amplifying the impact of my charitable donations to St. Johnsbury Academy.

There are four major reasons matching gifts are indispensable and I would encourage all alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and friends to capitalize on matching gift programs when available.


  1. Matching gifts double the impactof my individual donations while also allowing my company to effect greater change in a community that I represent and support which in this case is St. Johnsbury Academy.

  2. Knowing that a contribution will be matched by Sensata encourages me to donate to more organizations and strengthens my power of giving across a variety of organizations that I choose to support.

  3. I often share my giving experiences with employees across Sensata letting them know that donations to eligible organizations cultivate a culture of giving and employee engagement while supporting worthy causes that matter to me personally.  It builds a connection to what matters to me and can also cultivate a commitment to corporate social responsibility.

  4. Matching gifts maximizes the philanthropic potential which allows my contributions to go further and support SJA as a priority, while increasing my loyalty as a donor at the same time. Both Sensata and I are making a commitment.

Matching gifts represent a powerful mechanism for enhancing the impact and effectiveness of donating. By doubling the value of donations, encouraging donor participation, and increasing donor loyalty my corporate matching gift program plays a vital role in my annual giving choices. 


Lynne is the EVP and Chief Administrative Officer for Human Resources, Communications, and Legal for Sensata Technologies in Attleboro, Massachusetts.


To see if your employer is a matching gift company, use the search tool or contact Director of Development Brynn Reynolds Evans ’98 by phone at (802) 751-2129 or by email at brynn.evans@stjacademy.org