Ways To Give: What Other Alums Are Saying

GIVing if time

Evan Aronson ’05

Evan and his dog, Bowser

Evan and his dog, Bowser

Evan Aronson ’05 came to SJA from his native Los Angeles as a boarding student. Evan returned to LA and built a career, now working as a writer/producer for Marvel Studios in their marketing partnerships division. Until recently, Evan hadn’t really been thinking about how he could reach students at the Academy. But now, virtual learning opportunities have created options that were not previously available, and this spring, he will be working with faculty member Alex Shea and his Advanced Film II class.


Here is Evan’s story in his own words: When it was time for me to attend high school, I looked around at the options available to me in Los Angeles. I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. I was (like many at that age) looking for independence. After researching several boarding schools, I ultimately decided that St. Johnsbury Academy was the best fit for me.”


My first year at the Academy, I was placed in Waterman dorm and there is where I stayed all four years. I wouldn’t say that I have one memory that stands out as my fondest, but more of warm nostalgia when I think back to all the time I spent there. It’s really about the relationships I had with my fellow dormmates. Some memories were great, others not so wonderful. But through it all, I remember us all growing up together. 


The time I spent at the Academy was exceptional. Honestly, it was a once in a lifetime experience that is hard to fully explain to those who do not get the benefit of being in the boarding program. I feel it was a privilege that I had this unique opportunity to learn and grow in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The time I spent in the Wilderness Club helped me to appreciate the outdoors, and I soon developed a love for the mountains which influenced my decision to attend the University of Colorado Boulder where I majored in English Literature. 


After graduating from college, I started working as a production assistant for a television show, Last Call with Carson Daly, for a few seasons. From there, I found my way to working at one of the major talent agencies in Los Angeles as a motion picture literary assistant. It was a natural progression of my interests and abilities that I had gained from my studies. That experience eventually opened many doors that led me into producing. 


I currently work as a writer/producer for Marvel Studios in their marketing partnerships division. I work to partner with brands to create custom content and advertising that ties their brands with Marvel film and television properties. Honestly, it’s like a dream come true for me. It is like playing with all my favorite toys and characters from my childhood. The only difference is now I get to come up with unique stories for them that play out for the world to see. 


I am excited about working with Academy students. I would tell them to always be hungry and never take an obstacle in your path as a sign of failure. The only way to succeed in life is find a way around that obstacle and forge your path.