Daily Bulletin | Thursday

October 20, 2022

White Day / Class Theme Day


Today’s Schedule will be an ABDEC Schedule. Classes will end at 12:40 so that the whole school can participate in the Spirit Week preparations! As a reminder, dinner is available for everyone this evening in the Dining Hall as you finalize your Spirit Week skits, floats, and hallways!


Tomorrow will also be an ABDEC schedule. Please report directly to your A block class for 8:00am. Spirit Week Pep Chapel will begin at 1:00pm in Fuller Hall!


Students — please make sure you have your ID cards at lunch each day. On Tuesday we had 218 students without their IDs. This slows down our ability to process students through the line significantly. Thank you for your support of our staff in the dining hall and their great work on your behalf. 


Show your class spirit tomorrow for the Green and White Variety Day! As with every Variety Day, leggings, yoga pants, and pants with rips or holes in them are not allowed.


Your Spirit Squad Ballots have reached your stjlabs accounts so please cast your vote before 8:00am tomorrow. The winners will be announced at Pep Chapel tomorrow. However, when it comes to school spirit and Topper Pride, we are all winners!


Tickets for the 117th playing of the SJA/LI Game are now available for purchase at the Field House front desk. Everyone is required to have a ticket to enter the game. $5 for adults, $3 for students. Tickets can be purchased through Venmo for your convenience.


Spirit Poms $1.00 all week.  Cheerleaders will be selling them around campus.  Buy them and show your school spirit.


Don’t miss out! We will be offering a bus to and from “The Game” this Saturday leaving Brantview Drive at 12:15pm. This bus is for day & boarding students. Space is limited, so stop by Student Life today to reserve your spot with Mr. LaCroix!


The Spirit Week Dance will be Saturday at 7 in the Gym. The cost is $3.00, and the Cha Cha Slide is free upon admission. Students must arrive by 8:00pm. Please note: Those athletes returning late from the soccer game will be let in upon their return from the game.


Attention International Students — The registration deadline for the November 12th TOEFL is tomorrow at noon! Any student needing to take the November 12th TOEFL should stop by the Guidance Office to register with Mrs. McCaffrey.


The Intro to Baking class will be selling Oreo, raspberry swirl, and plain cheesecakes after school on Thursday.


The Skills USA group will be selling stadium nachos, cookies, soda, and whoopie pies after Pep Chapel on Friday.  Cheesecake and Cardboard, enough said!


Everyone going on this Sunday’s rock-climbing trip must meet Mr. Holden in the Alumni gym at 12:45 today! Due to spirit week activities, we will not have a meeting on Friday and must go over details about the trip. Again, all rock climbers meet today at 12:45 in the Alumni Gym. Dare to explore!


D&D club will not meet today. Please use your powers to help your class work on the float, skit, and hallway! See you next Thursday!


Down by the River; Took a little vote; Chose to put the Vikings; In the murky moat. Voted for the Toppers; Carson, Carter, and Emily; Cuz we can beat the Vikings; Anywhere we play!  Vote Hilltoppers! Today is the last day to vote for the Cal-Rec Athlete of the week. Pump up the spirit and Don’t Stop Believin’. Sweet Dreams are made of Hilltopper victories! 


Today, we have some visitors on campus for your future planning. At 9:30, a rep will be here from University of Caledonia County, the Community College of Beiber Believers at 10:30, the College of Joey Gladstone at 11:00, and a rep from CIT (Cardboard Institute of Technology) all day. All meetings will be in the Colby Conference Room with the exception of the CIT rep who will be at the trailer on Brantview Drive that is filling with cardboard. Please let teachers know you will be missing class to attend these meetings and in the case of CIT, bring your teachers and their cardboard with you. AT CIT you may not graduate, but you can always make your own diploma with their vast supplies of cardboard.


Good morning, Class of 2023! Come show your class spirit by spending quality time making present memories of a past for your future! Hallway meeting in Morse 202 then moving to Colby second floor for decorating. Float meeting in Morse 202 then moving to the loading dock area for construction. Skit meeting in Res Life, then moving to Fuller for rehearsals at 2:00 pm; Come help​ us show that school up the road that they should just “make like a tree and get outta here!” 2023 Rocks!


Have you recently walked into a classroom and forgotten if it was math or English class, or maybe your teacher forgot NOT to give homework this week, or maybe you even forgot to bring in cardboard this week, it is probably because you were exposed to the LI aliens that have erased your memory. Due to the frequent zapping of neuralyzers this week, float, skit, and hallway reminders have been coming every day. So, remember juniors, today is a new schedule, come to the Float in the Streeter Construction shop starting at 12:40; Hallway in Ranger 113 at 12:40; and Skit in Severance 23 at 12:40! And before your memory is erased again write down that tomorrow is a green-and-white variety day, keep your Hilltopper spirit coming as we’ve heard it’s the only thing that can protect you from the neuralyzers.


Sophomores: Come to today’s Skit, Float, and Hallway meetings starting after C block. Skit meets in SV15, Mr. Racenet’s room. We have a great script, a 2:30 dress rehearsal in Fuller, and the need for a couple cast members and some extras.  Float meets in Streeter 145, Mr. Mitchell’s room. The Float is rocking! Come pitch in. Hallway meets in Streeter 208, Mrs. Murphy’s room — we have materials and a plan. Hallway decoration will extend into the late afternoon/early evening. All Sophomores are encouraged to lend a hand in the Hallway! See you this afternoon!


9th graders, join the fun this afternoon and come help get ready for the big weekend! The skit will practice in ST 226, hallway prep is in ST 225, and float construction is in the Streeter Construction Shop. See you there! 


Happy Birthday today to Eric Meakem, Gage Hayden, Zhan Kassymove, and Geno Danis!            


VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY vs NORTH COUNTRY 4:00, please release the team at 2:30; Senior Recognition at 3:45



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