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Daily Bulletin | Monday

November 7, 2022

Green Day


Attention National Honor Society Members! Our second full Chapter Meeting is this week on Wednesday November 9th during Conference Period in South Church. As a reminder, attendance at Full Chapter Meetings is mandatory! Please plan your schedules accordingly and see Mrs. Reed in Guidance with any concerns.


Colwell Scholars are asked to meet briefly with Mr. Ehrean after school today in Ranger 115.


Brain Bee will meet Tuesday after CP in Streeter 241. Read Chapter 6: The Developing Brain. 


Science Olympiad meets Wednesday and Thursday after CP in Streeter 241. Three events will be introduced: Astronomy: the Lifecycle of Stars, Forestry: The lives of Trees, and Scrambler: Eggs are not to be broken! Time remaining will be used to develop knowledge and skills for all events.  


Happy Birthday today to Isabella Velazquez Contreras, Talon Rowell, and a special Happy Birthday to Ari Leven from the Kinsella advisory!


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