Daily Bulletin | Friday

December 4, 2020

Remote Learning Day


Attention class of 2024 – in your STJ labs email this morning you will receive a ballot for freshmen class officer and student government representative. Please exercise your right to vote and your voice in the future of your class. The ballot is open from 8:00am-3:00pm today, so please take a moment to vote! Class of 2024 rocks!


Winter Break is almost upon us, and you will soon be getting an email from Mr. Barnes from the Library if you have overdue books. Please return (or renew) them before break! If there is a mistake and you already brought them back, or if you wish to renew something, let us know by contacting library@stjlabs.com. Have a great weekend!


Do you care about politics in the United States? Are you passionate about the challenges facing the United States? Do you enjoy writing about issues that are important to you? If you answer yes to one or all three of these questions, then you should enter the 11th annual State of the Union Essay contest. All you need to do is write a 250-500 word essay on an issue that faces the United States. Academy students have fared well in this essay contest and have had a finalist for the past five years. If you win you could meet Senator Sanders and have your essay entered into the Congressional Record (the archive of the US Congress). The essay is due January 11th, 2021. Please see Mr. Eckhardt or any member of the Social Studies Department for more information.


Happy Birthday today to Andy Xu, Rodger Chen, Chihiro Kanayama, and Mya Pushee! Happy Birthday tomorrow to Joy Zhou, Zachary Anti, Hannah Roberts, and Nya Jewell, and on Sunday to Grafton Thompson, Erin Langlais, and Ryne Ohlschwager.


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