Jiwon Noh

Interior design and architecture: Finding inspiration while avoiding plagiarism

When it comes to art, I think that art is the only way that I can express my messages, interests, and creativity in this academic environment.


In my childhood, I used to imagine working with my parents. Their job is related to architecture, and I have dreamed of collaborating with them. When I was young, I just simply imagined that I would like to design the interior of the dream house if my parents designed the exterior. However, the more I have grown up, the more seriously I have thought about my future. While searching for my interest, I thought of interior design first. I used to enjoy decorating my room. Since I grew up, I have expanded my interest in interior design to spatial design. I have found out that interior design is not only about decorating the interior but also about the best space utilization.

View the video of Jiwon’s process.

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