Carolee Stuart Trebilcock ’82, Kelly Lansford Rodgers ’83, and Tammy Wescott

St. Johnsbury School Food Service Staff
August 25, 2020

Carolee Stuart Trebilcock ’82, Kelly Lansford Rodgers ’83, and Tammy Wescott are employees of the St. Johnsbury School Food Service program and have worked tirelessly to provide meals to children in our community since the start of the pandemic.


Carolee is the Food Service Director and has been with the school for 23 years. Tammy has been with the program for 24 years and Kelly for two years as Food Service Assistants.


Sarah Garey ’92 (SJA Director of Health Services) recommended they be recognized. She shared:


These dedicated individuals never missed a day when schools were closed to make sure that no child missed a meal.  They provided over 400 meals a day, not only to the children in their district, but also assisting Northeast Kingdom Community Action with meals for individuals experiencing homelessness.   They are true heroes! Thank you will never be enough for stepping up when the children in their community needed them the most.


The team made and then delivered meals that included breakfast and lunch each day, sometimes reaching 630 meals per day since March. They were dedicated to making sure every student who was interested received meals and this means they also delivered to daycare programs and summer camps in the area.


Carolee, Tammy, and Kelly, were assisted by other staff members, including former employee Michelle Harvey, as well as volunteers. In addition to providing meals they have also been taking classes to keep up with certifications. It’s been an especially busy summer!


When asked about their work, Carolee stated:


A big thanks to everybody! We wouldn’t have been able to do it without my team here and the volunteers. Everyone working together made it go pretty smoothly. It was challenging and the teamwork made it all possible. Parents have been sending in thank you notes with pictures and seeing the smiles and hearing that the meals were appreciated just makes it all worth it.


Thank you to Carolee, Kelly, Tammy, and all who assisted them, for working hard to continue to provide nutritious meals to the children in our community. We are sure each meal brightened the day of all who received them!



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