Hayley Chaffee ’05

Hayley Chaffee '05
September 15, 2020

Hayley Chaffee ’05 is currently pursuing a Master of Science in nurse anesthesia and has been performing her clinical rotation at a hospital throughout the pandemic.


Hayley attends Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah and is in her last semester.  In addition to her online courses, she has been working 45 hours a week for the clinical portion of her degree. She was previously a registered nurse and served in that role for seven years.


When asked about pursuing a degree of this nature during the pandemic, she shared:


I’ve always liked science and I wanted to do something that involved science, working with people, and a career that would allow me to travel as much as possible. Nursing fit the bill! It’s a little odd being in school during the pandemic. As an anesthesia provider, we’re some of the most high risk professionals because we are experts at managing the airway. It feels odd to not be taking care of patients in my traditional role as a nurse but it’s just as important that patients can receive lifesaving and life improving surgeries during this time. I feel very proud to continue helping others during this time of uncertainty.


Hayley hopes to move back to Vermont after she graduates to work in a small, rural hospital as a certified registered nurse anesthetist.


Thank you to Hayley for working hard to further her education and provide important and necessary care to patients during this challenging time. We wish her the best of luck as she finishes her degree and pursues a career in this new role. We hope to see her back in Vermont in the future!



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